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CHOI 51 Foundation News

Choi donates 40K to the city of Tampa & St. Petersberg

Ji-Man Choi with the TB Rays donated 40K to the city of Tampa and St. Petersberg police and fire departments on September 18, 2022. Choi said it's nothing compared to how they serve and protect our communities. Still, I hope it will show them how much I appreciate their service and dedication to keeping our communities safe and reliable. 

Jiman Choi donates $30,000 for Phoenix Children's Hospital on Oct 26, 2021
Choi 51 donates 30K for Phoenix Children's Hospital

Ji-Man Choi with the TB Rays visited Phoenix Children's Hospital on Oct 26, 2021 to donate $30K for helping

little patients. While he was visiting he spent a couple of hours with littl patients at the hospital playing connect four game via online due to Covid-19 protocol. Choi said that 'It was valuable time and hope to see them more often'. He also said that he will find another ways to help little patients  ​​

Choi 51 First pitch


On Sep 27, 16, Gilwon Seo had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He threw the ceremonial first pitch to Ji-Man Choi in front of some 20,000 cheering spectators at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. 


"I was thrilled for the chance to be a part of the Major League Baseball that day. I was honored to have such a wonderful opportunity," Seo told via text message.

Seo first met Choi back in 2014. Choi played in the minor league at that time contacted Seo first after reading newspaper articles about Seo.


Choi 51 donates 20K


Ji-Man Choi of LA Angels established a non-profit organization, 'Choi 51 Foundation' and selected Gilwon Seo for the first beneficiary. Choi invited Seo to Angel stadium on Sep 27, 2016 and donated a scholarship worth $20,000 for Seo

Seo is a hearing-hard baseball player from South Korea and now attends at Gallaudet University. 

 "Choi said that he would invite me to throw the first pitch in an MLB game if he joins the league," Seo said. "He didn't forget what he had said two years ago and kept his promise."

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